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Any Course as a Gift

You will buy all courses at the same price, in the form of a vocher.
Make your loved ones happy by choosing a specific course, or by giving them the opportunity to decide which course will benefit them the most! 
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  • Personalized voucher

  • Same price for every course

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    Why buy online courses as gifts?

    Buying a course voucher is a great gift idea. 
    You support people close to you in their personal or professional development.

    Knowledge and skill development

    Online courses allow people to gain new knowledge
    and skills, which can help the recipient
    develop personally
    and professionally.


    Online courses are easily accessible and can be accessed from anywhere at any time,
    on any device making them a convenient way to learn.


    You can choose a course tailored to the recipient's interests and needs, making the gift more personalized.

    Long-term value

    Online courses are an investment
    in the future and developing skills that can benefit you for years to come. Courses are available forever.

    Training at any pace

    The recipient can learn at his or her own pace and adjust the
    learning schedule to fit his or her life.

    No geographical restrictions

    Online courses allow you to study with our experts, regardless of where you live.In addition, all courses have transcription in English.  

    1 STEP

    You buy any course
    as a gift.

    After purchase, we send you an email with access to your personal account on our platform.

    2 STEP

    You log in, go to my courses tab
    and complete the form.

    3 STEP

    You download the voucher which is in pdf format.

    4 STEP

    You can send the voucher as an email attachment or print
    and hand it out in person.

    Frequently asked questions:

    If you have more questions, please visit
    our FAQ section FAQ

    How does it work?

    You buy any course as a gift, fill out the form with the name of the recipient and what course you want to give him. You can also indicate that the person himself chooses which course he wants. Download the voucher and you're done! You can either send it by e-mail or print it out and give it in person. 

    Can I use the voucher myself?

    No. The user cannot use the Gift Card - Voucher himself. He can gift it to another person. Each User has the right to generate a Gift Card - Voucher only once. ( regulations point VI)

    How long will the recipient have access to the course?

    He will get access to the course forever.

    Will I receive an invoice ?

    Yes, if you select this option an invoice is automatically issued for each purchase.

    What does such a voucher look like?

    The voucher looks like this, you can either print it or email it to the recipient.

    Jak to, czyli każdy kurs w prezencie kosztuje tyle samo?

    Yes, but only if you buy the course as a gift. We play fair, for your convenience and comfort the more expensive and cheaper courses as gifts are at the same price. That is, you are free to choose which course you want to gift to the person.

    Do you have a question for us? Feel free to ask it!

    Buy a gift that develops!

    Don't wait! Make your loved ones a gift that will surprise and inspire. Buy a voucher today and give them the opportunity to choose which course best fits their passions and goals. It's a gift that is sure to be appreciated!
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