(1) The Regulations define the terms and conditions for the provision of services by the Service Provider, as well as the terms and conditions for the use of the website warsztatmistrza.pl by the User.
(2) Whenever the regulations refer to:
- Service Provider, it is to be understood as Space Films limited liability company with registered office in Warsaw (Żegiestowska 18C, 02-924 Warsaw, Poland) entered in the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Economic Department of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000869613; NIP: 5213913394; REGON: 387617634, share capital in the amount of 5000 PLN, paid in full.
 - User, it should be understood as any person visiting the pl website.
 - Consumer, that is, an individual using the services for purposes unrelated to the provision of professional services or the conduct of business.
 - Account, it should be understood as a part of the warsztatymistrz.pl website intended for registered Users.
 - Service, it means the services provided by the Service Provider through the website warsztatmistrza.pl.
 - Workshop, it means audiovisual recordings that can be played on the website warsztatmistrza.pl.
 - Regulations, it shall be understood to mean these Regulations.
 - Privacy Policy, it should be understood as the document available in the Privacy Policy tab.
- Gift Card - Voucher: An electronic document with a code that a user can generate and give to another person in order to allow him/her to receive a course on our platform for free.
3. To the extent that these Terms and Conditions regulate the provision of services by electronic means, they are the terms and conditions referred to in Article 8 of the Law on Provision of Services by Electronic Means.

(4) Each User is obliged to comply with its provisions of the Regulations.

(5) The Regulations are made available to Users free of charge in the Regulations tab.

6. Kontakt z Usługodawcą jest możliwy na adres e-mail: kontakt@warsztatmistrza.pl


1. Usługodawca udostępnia Użytkownikom stronę internetową w ramach której w szczególności jest możliwe uzyskanie czasowego dostępu do Warsztatów przesyłanych za pośrednictwem transmisji strumieniowej przez sieć Internet.
(2) In connection with the provision of the Site, the Service Provider shall provide, among others, the following Services:
 - possibility to browse the website as an unregistered User;
- getting free access to sample episodes of the Workshop;
 - User Account registration;
 - gaining access to purchased episodes of the Workshop;
 - gift card purchase;
 - Enable the rating and publication of content about the Workshop for registered Users, and -
to view content published by other Users;
 - sharing the catalog of purchased Workshops;
- providing payment information.
3. The Services of the Service Provider provided electronically, except for the Service of accessing the Workshop and purchasing a gift card, are free of charge.


(1) Use of the Services is possible through any type of Internet connection, on screens with a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels, using any type of computer, using the following Internet browsers. Microsoft Edge version 17 or later with ActiveX, JavaScript and Cookies enabled, or Mozilla Firefox version 68 or later with Java applets, JavaScript and Cookies enabled, or Opera version 58 or later with Java applets, JavaScript and Cookies enabled, or Google Chrome version 75 or later with Java applets, JavaScript and Cookies enabled, Before using the Services, it is recommended that the User verify that the computer equipment he or she has meets the technical requirements specified above.

(2) A user wishing to use all functionalities of the workshopmaster.pl website must register an Account.

(3) The User, registering an Account on the site, is required to provide his/her e-mail address, provide a password and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Login and password may be changed by the User.
(4) The user is obliged to provide complete and truthful information, including personal data, required during registration or for the purpose of making payments, and to keep them updated.
5 Only one Account may be assigned to one e-mail address.
(6) After registration, the User will be able to purchase access to the Workshops.
7. W niektórych przypadkach możliwy jest uzyskania dostępu do Warsztatów bez rejestracji Konta. Użytkownicy zainteresowani taką możliwością muszą się skontaktować z Usługodawcą na adres: kontakt@warsztatmistrza.pl.
(8) Purchase of access to the Workshop may be made only by persons who are at least 18 years old. Persons who are 13 years of age or older may make a purchase with the consent of their legal guardian. The Service Provider may require the submission of such consent in writing.
9. gaining access to certain Workshops requires the completion of 18 years of age. Reproduction of a Workshop will require an affidavit each time, that you are at least 18 years of age.


1. Access to the Workshops is granted from the time of payment by the User for an indefinite, unlimited period of time.
In the case of suspension of the WarsztatMistrza.pl portal, the user who has purchased a workshop or multiple workshops, receives access to video materials, and additional PDFs, placed on a virtual disk.
Access to the aforementioned materials in the form of an e-link , will be sent to the email address provided by the User during the registration on WarsztatMisztrza.pl . The conclusion of the agreement for the User to gain access to the Workshops is reached by making a payment in the amount determined by the Service Provider.
(2) Before gaining access to the Workshop, the User reads the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and submits a statement that he/she is familiar with the contents of these documents by marking the chceckbox.
(3) All notifications regarding gaining access to the Workshop shall be displayed in the registered User's account or directed to the User's email address provided at registration.
(4) You may use up to 3 different terminal devices after purchasing access to the Workshop.
5 Image quality is dependent on the requirements of the third-party provider and may vary from device to device. It may also depend on a number of other factors, such as location, available bandwidth and/or internet connection speed. Access to HD resolution depends on the parameters of your Internet connection and the capabilities of your device.
6 The User shall not allow other third parties to access the Workshops. You are responsible for the security of your Account and keeping your access information confidential.
(7) The User acquires access to the Workshops solely for his/her own use. Any use, including dissemination, copying, modification and making the training available to third parties, individually or publicly, whether paid or unpaid, entitles the Service Provider to terminate the User's access to the Workshops, as well as to pursue claims for damages on general principles.
(8) The User may, after 14 days from the conclusion of the Agreement, cancel access to the Workshops without giving any reason by deleting his/her Account or by submitting an appropriate statement to the Service Provider. In such a situation, there is no refund for the paid Workshops.
(9) The workshop shall constitute a work within the meaning of the Copyright Act and shall be subject to the legal protection of copyright and related rights vested in the Service Provider.
(10) The Service Provider grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable, granted for the term for which access is granted, limited to the territory of the Republic of Poland, taking into account the extraterritorial nature of the Internet, license to use the Workshop.
12 The License entitles the User only to reproduce the Workshop on the device. The license will terminate upon termination of the Services by the Service Provider. The User is not entitled to any other rights, including intellectual property rights, beyond those expressly stated in the Terms of Service. The User is not allowed to copy, modify and distribute and reproduce the Workshop in whole or in part.
13.Użytkownik przyjmuje do wiadomości, że niewywiązanie się z powyższego zobowiązania skutkować może naruszeniem autorskich praw majątkowych Usługodawcy do Warsztatu oraz możliwością pociągnięcia Użytkownika do odpowiedzialności prawnej z tego tytułu.

V. PRAWO ODSTĄPIENIA OD UMOWY ( nazwana przez Usługodawcę "Gwarancją satysfakcji")

1. Użytkownik ma prawo odstąpić od niniejszej umowy w terminie 14 dni bez podania jakiejkolwiek przyczyny. Termin do odstąpienia od umowy wygasa po upływie 14 dni od dnia zawarcia umowy. Aby skorzystać z prawa odstąpienia od umowy, użytkownik musi poinformować SPACE FILMS SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ, Żegiestowska 18C, 02-924 Warszawa, Polska, kontakt@warsztatmistrza.pl o swojej decyzji o odstąpieniu od niniejszej umowy w drodze jednoznacznego oświadczenia (na przykład pocztą elektroniczną). Aby zachować termin do odstąpienia od umowy, wystarczy, aby wysłali Państwo informację dotyczącą wykonania przysługującego Państwu prawa odstąpienia od umowy przed upływem terminu do odstąpienia od umowy.
2.Effects of withdrawal from the contract 
In the event of withdrawal from this contract, we will return to you all payments received from you, immediately and in any case no later than 30 days from the day we are informed of your decision to exercise your right to withdraw from this contract. We will return the payment using the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction, in any case you will not incur any fees in connection with this return.

Terms and Conditions.
a. Gift Card - Voucher is available only to registered users of our platform.
b. The User cannot use the Gift Card - Voucher by himself. He may gift it to another person.
c. Each User has the right to generate a Gift Card - Voucher only once.
d. The value of the voucher is determined in advance by the service provider.

Voucher generation
a. The user can generate a Gift Card - Voucher by providing the relevant information on our platform.
b. You must provide information about the Recipient, such as his/her name, to generate a Gift Card - Voucher.

a. You are responsible for correctly providing the Recipient's information when generating the Gift Card - Voucher.
b. We are not responsible for the loss, theft or misuse of the Gift Card - Voucher after it has been generated.


1. Prices for the Services are expressed in Polish Zloty and represent the total price of the Service including value added tax.
(2) If you wish to obtain an invoice for the purchase of the Service, you are obliged to inform the Service Provider.
(3) The online payment service provider for card payments is Przelewy24.
Available forms of payment:
Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, MasterCard Electronic, blik, quick payments.
(4) Payment for the Service shall be collected by a payment service provider, i.e. a third-party online payment processing institution for the purpose of processing payment instructions submitted by the User. The Service Provider does not directly handle payment transactions and is not a payment service provider or payment institution within the meaning of the Payment Services Act of August 19, 2011.
(5) Taking into account the fact that the Service Provider is not a payment institution or a payment service provider within the meaning of the Payment Services Act, any complaints regarding payments made with a payment card should be submitted directly to individual payment service providers or to the issuer of the User's payment instrument. Complaints regarding payments submitted to the Service Provider will be forwarded to the relevant payment service provider, of which the Service Provider will notify the User by email. The Service Provider stipulates that it is not responsible for any consequences of the delay in forwarding the complaint to the relevant payment service provider.


1. The User may publish i.e. comments and ratings, concerning the Workshops only, from the
of which he has benefited. The service provider may moderate content that violates applicable
laws, rights of third parties or good morals.
(2) The published content shall not violate the law, personal rights or rules of coexistence
social. The user is solely responsible for the published content.
(3) The Service Provider is not responsible for the content published by the User.
The Service Provider does not monitor and moderate the content published on the Application by the
User with the proviso that the Service Provider is entitled to remove the content, about
referred to in the paragraph above.
(4) Upon posting content, the User grants the Service Provider a non-exclusive, royalty-free
license to use the content posted on the site in accordance with the Terms and Conditions on the
The following fields of exploitation, known at the time of licensing:
                  in the field of fixation and reproduction of the work - production by a specific technique
                  copies of the work, including by digital technique, magnetic recording and technique of
                  printing and reprographics;
                  with respect to circulation of the original or copies on which the work was fixed -.
                 marketing of the original or copies of the work;
                  with respect to distribution of the work by means other than those specified above -
                 public performance, exhibition, display, reproduction, and broadcasting and
                 Re-broadcasting, as well as making the work available to the public in such a way that anyone can
                 have access to it at a place and time of their choosing, including
                 sharing the work on the Internet.
(5) The scope of the above license shall include the right of the Service Provider to use the anonymized
content in order to ensure the operation, promotion and advertising of its Services, including after the
deletion of the Account by the User.


1. The shaping, development and maintenance of the Site are the exclusive rights of the Service Provider.
In particular, the service provider is entitled to modify and delete the site, as well as to
transfer the rights to the site to a third party, along with the user base, who agree to this
consent. The user who does not agree to such transfer is obliged to
deletion of the Account or withdrawal of consent to the newsletter.
(2) In the event of a violation of the Rules of Procedure, the provisions of the law or the undertaking by the
User of actions detrimental to the good name of the Service Provider, other Users or persons
third parties, as well as when the Service Provider receives official notification or obtains reliable
news of the unlawful nature of the published data or actions with it
related, the Service Provider is entitled to remove the content published by the
User and temporary blocking or deletion of the Account.
(3) The Service Provider shall not be liable for:
                  disruptions to the site resulting from causes attributable to the
                 User, and beyond the control of the Service Provider, in particular constituting force
                  problems or technical difficulties related to the operation of the end device
                 User, which hinder or prevent the use of the site;
                  damage caused by any User as a result of a violation by the
                 him the rights of third parties;
                  damages incurred by the User in connection with the blocking or removal from the
                 Account in connection with violation by this User of the provisions of the Regulations.
                 or generally applicable laws.
(4) The service provider shall be entitled to partially or completely shut down the site in order to
Carry out its repair or upgrade, whereby the Service Provider undertakes to
Minimize the time during which there will be a partial or complete shutdown of operations


(1) Any complaints regarding irregularities in the operation of the site may be submitted
by Users who use the services for purposes unrelated to their business
professional or business in any way, including by appropriate notification
wysłane za pomocą poczty elektronicznej na adres email: kontakt@warsztatmistrza.pl lub
In writing to the Service Provider's registered address.

(2) The complaint should contain at least: name, surname and contact details of the person
making the complaint and a description of the reason for the complaint.
(3) The Service Provider shall consider the complaint within 30 (thirty) days from the date of its receipt.
(4) Immediately after considering the complaint, but no later than the date indicated
above, the Service Provider will respond to the User on the complaint. Answer
will be sent to the e-mail or delivery address provided by the
User in the complaint. If the complaint does not contain data allowing
for sending the User a response to the complaint, will remain to be received by the
User at the premises of the Service Provider at its registered address.
(5) The Service Provider reserves the right to require the User to provide additional
information in a situation where the recognition of a complaint requires it.
(6) In the case of exhaustion of the complaint route, the User has the option to use the
Out-of-court ways of handling complaints of redress of grievances.
7. the didactic content and content quality of the Workshops are not subject to complaints.


1. regulations are effective as of 24.08.2023
(2) Persons who are interested may contact the Service Provider to obtain
information about the terms of cooperation.
(3) The Service Provider shall be entitled to amend the provisions of the Regulations at any
(4) If any changes are made to the Terms and Conditions, the Service Provider shall inform the following
User, making the consolidated text available at least 14 days in advance
The amended Regulations on the website. In the case of registered
Users such change will be sent to the e-mail address provided at registration.
5. in matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of law shall apply
generally applicable in Poland, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code,
The Law on Provision of Electronic Services and the Law on Consumer Rights.