MIkołaj Paszkowski

French macaron workshop

MIkołaj Paszkowski

French macaron workshop


Want to learn how to make real French macarons?

Join us for an online course that will take you on a journey through the world of French macarons. It is conducted by renowned pastry chef Mikołaj Paszkowski. This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to explore the secrets of preparing these exquisite, colorful and extremely tasty sweets.
Nikolai is a true artist in the art of confectionery, he has already made more than a million macarons! During the course you will learn how to prepare the dough and cream in perfect proportions, the importance of temperature and baking time. You don't need to have confectionery experience or specialized equipment - the course is for anyone who loves sweets. Discover the art of making perfect French macarons and become a master in your kitchen.
Sign up for our online course today and learn the secrets of making perfect French macarons!

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  • Subtitles: Polish, English
  • 11 lessons ( 45 min video )
  • 550 learners
  • Level: basic
  • 4 additional materials
  • Certificate of completion of the course
  • Access forever!
  • 14 day satisfaction guarantee
What do I get?
For whom?
Additional materials and bonuses
What will I receive as part of this course?

Certificate of completion of the course

You will receive a named certificate, which is a document confirming the completion of the course.

Access to qualitative knowledge

We guarantee that you learn from proven sources - from the best specialists in their field. 

Access to a closed community

You will get access to a community of learners.

Who is this course for?

  • For confectioners who want to expand their skills and gain new knowledge.
  • For all those who want to develop their culinary skills and learn how to prepare French macarons!
  • For beginners who are just starting their adventure with confectionery.
  • For those who appreciate online learning, as the educational materials can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The course includes additional pdf materials !

By purchasing our course, you will receive up to 4 additional materials, which will certainly make it easier for you to prepare delicious baked goods.
Not only will you get lista of shopping, but also discover the secret of a unique recipe for cream and sponge cakes.
Moreover, especially for you, we have prepared templates for baked goods, which will allow you to create amazing baked goods without much effort.
Don't wait any longer and join the ranks of satisfied customers who easily create real culinary masterpieces with our supplementary materials!

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What do I gain by taking
the course?
What will I gain after undergoing this training?
  • You will gain knowledge of ingredients, proportions and techniques for preparing macarons.
  • You will make perfect French macarons with perfect texture and taste.
  • You will develop your cooking skills and gain confidence in the kitchen!
  • You'll save money - macarons are very expensive, better to make them yourself!
  • You will gain knowledge on how to store and serve macarons.
  • You will learn different ways to decorate macarons.
Meet the champion
Nikolai Paszkowski
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His adventure with confectionery began in London, where he first tasted Parisian macarons and fell in love with them without memory.
Soon after, he began to acquire knowledge and skills in the art of confectionery, taking the first steps towards becoming a true master in this field.

Upon his return to Poland, Nicolas co-founded the well-known Sucré pastry shop, where his passion and talent quickly gained recognition among customers. It was there that he made his first French macarons, which soon became a hit among confectionery connoisseurs.

Now Nicolas, together with his wife, runs the Melody pastry shop and shares his experience and expertise in preparing perfect French macarons.

List of lessons 

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Lesson 9 Creaming and folding macarons

Check out the free trial lesson!
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Lesson 9 Creaming and folding macarons

Check out the free trial lesson!

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14-day satisfaction guarantee!
You don't risk anything. Try the workshop for 14 days. If you decide that the course has given you nothing, we will refund your money.
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Frequently asked questions:

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How does the 14-day satisfaction guarantee work?

You can buy the course and return it up to 14 days. You don't risk anything. Try the workshop for 14 days. If you decide that the course has given you nothing then we will refund your money. Just like that.

Is this a residential course?

No. This is a platform with online courses that you can watch where and when you want. These are pre-recorded and edited videos - a huge amount of knowledge gathered in one place and divided into individual lessons. The videos are recorded in cinema quality, in full HD resolution.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will get access to our courses forever.

Will I receive an invoice ?

Yes, if you select this option an invoice is automatically issued for each purchase.

When does the course take place?

This is an online course with pre-recorded prepared video material. You can watch this material day or night. Whenever you want.

What does the course completion certificate look like?

This is a named certificate to be downloaded and printed upon completion of the course.

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