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Master's Workshop is an online training platform with pre-recorded video courses.

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Master's Workshop is a training platform providing
with a rich database of courses taught by experts

Learn anywhere on earth, on any device.

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Time flexibility and convenience

Our platform allows you to access video content anytime and anywhere from various devices, such as computers, smartphones and tablets.


Our Platform offers HD quality courses taught by experts in their fields who have experience and knowledge.

Interactive videos, supplementary materials.

The platform offers interactive features such as notes, discussion forums, quizzes, additional training materials, pdfs and e-books.

Name Certificate

After completing the training, you can download your personal certificate, confirming that you have completed the course.

Individual contact with the master.

As part of the online course, you have the opportunity to ask questions of the master.

All in one place, forever!

The best, quality knowledge of specialists concentrated in one place and one training, forever without limits!

Saving time and money.

You don't have to spend money on travel, accommodation and expensive classroom courses. Don't waste time searching for fragmented knowledge on the Internet.


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"I heartily recommend "Workshop Master", helpful and empathetic approach, and from the courses - the course on pizza by Jedrzej. The master is a professional and shows the world of pizza in a way that I have not had the opportunity to see before, until you immediately want to make while watching."


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"I recommend, a course on baking macarons. Before, they were not successful for me, thanks to the course I now know why. Now they come out super. A lot of knowledge, practical remarks. The course in the form of video clips."


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How does it work?

Literally 4 simple steps separate You from the vastness of knowledge of our masters!


You choose a course.
You have 14 days to return the course if it does not meet your expectations.


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After purchase, we send you an email with access to your personal account on our platform.


You log in and watch! Where you want, when you want, from any device.